Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Shower Cake

Got a call yesterday from someone saying they needed a cake and it was an emergency. When I heard what had happened I decided to improvise and do something worth having at a Baby Shower, now just keep in mind this decision was made the day before at around 1pm and the cake was made and assembled for the next morning.

Now that being said the cake was a Vanilla Cake with Chocolate filling and Vanilla Buttercream.

My fondant misbehaved due to the rushing nature of the job but it will do.

Theme was pink and blue so I incorporated what I had time for. And the request was to have "BABY" on the cake.

here it is!

my onesie was cut with a knife and some steady hands, I had no time to go looking for a onesie cutter. But it came out alright! :)

my little catepillar and teddy bear with pacifier. There was a catepillar on each side of the cake alongside some flowers.

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